Artist statement

Joanne Braddy is a mixed-media artist and disability advocate based in Brisbane, QLD Australia. Joanne’s artmaking practice is a mixed-media exploration of the self. Joanne primarily uses the techniques of painting, drawing and ceramics to create emotional self-portraits. Stylistically, Joanne's artwork is expressive with a tender illustrative quality. Joanne's artworks are a harmonious blend of dark, confronting imagery while exuding a gentle sense of hopefulness.  
Each artwork is a new emotional journey Joanne bravely embarks upon. Joanne has lived experience with depression and has expressed the great courage she must summon to push through the darkness of her mind to see the light. Joanne finds channeling her emotions through her artwork painful at times, yet she tirelessly reveals the beauty hidden within. Joanne has beautifully described her artwork as pieces of her soul infused into the canvas.  
Through her artwork, Joanne aims to break down the stigma surrounding mental health from both a societal perspective and the perspective of self. Joanne expresses that painful emotions are valid and essential to our life journey, not something to be ashamed of; they are beautiful because they are part of us all.